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Charlie and Andy's quirky woodland wedding wonderland.

Jessie Copper :: Tuesday 23rd June 2015 :: Latest Blog Posts :: More Inspiration

The current July/August edition of 'You&YourWedding' magazine has featured a very unique wedding which we had the pleasure of being involved with last year, so I thought perhaps you'd like to see some more of what went on that day.

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All images are courtesy of Lisa Dawn Photography 

One thing I will say about this wedding, is that Charlie and Andy had a very precise idea of what they wanted....

I spend a lot of time with brides who bring me a theme or colour palette which really inspires me and from which I can visualise just what the flowers and the overall look will be. But more often than not it is hard to convey back to the bride what the resulting floral look will be... they just can't picture it in their head, and pictures only help to a certain extent, particularly when you are coming up with a unique concept. Some of the time, it is a case of convincing them to trust me that it's going to be amazing, and on the big day they see that I was right (! of course !).

But there was none of this with Charlie and Andy; they new EXACTLY what the look was that they were aiming for. I absolutely love a new and exciting concept, but - to be honest, between you and me - because the look was so quirky, there were a couple of times when even I was unsure whether what they were trying to achieve would work. It is to their credit that they proved my doubts completely wrong, and together with a great mixture of suppliers, including the Angel Cake Company and their picturesque venue Kingston Country Courtyard, everything came together beautifully on the day.

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Extract from 'YouandYourWedding' magazine; July August 2015 edition:

'Once upon a time there was a couple who dreamed of a magical woodland wedding. They pictured toadstools and candles; rustic blooms and floating balloons; the prettiest of pom-poms, birds and butterflies. Guess what? Charlie and Andrew's dream came true.

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'Their enchanting day began with a ceremony in the barn at Kingston Country Courtyard, which the couple had transformed into a romantic forest hideaway. "We hired a fairy light canopy to look like twinkling stars above our heads and make the space feel more intimate," says Charlie. "We collected logs to line the aisle and bought ferns and other flowers to create the look of a woodland floor."

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'The bride looked suitably bewitching in a customised vintage dress and bespoke tulle veil... Charlie found her dress at a vintage warehouse while looking for props! "It was hanging there unloved - it was like finding a piece of treasure," she says.

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'After reception drinks of Pimms and elderflower punch, guests made their way to a marquee filled with fairytale touches. "On the welcome table we had a rose in a glass dome for Beauty and the Beast, Christian Louboutin shoes for Cinderella, and a lamp for Aladdin", reveals Charlie. "We wrote the table plan on a mirror as a nod to Snow White." Centrepieces of Manzanita branches adorned with moss, blooms and woodland creatures finished the look.

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'Despite their attention to all things style-related, the couple never lost sight of the fun factor. "We played wedding bingo. using humorous bingo calls, and I had a big desk bell to ring when we wanted the guests to be quiet; so much more fun than tapping on a glass." says Charlie. "We made badges saying things like 'I've kissed the groom' and 'After party in my room'. They were a huge hit! '

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