Lynne and Simon's glorious wedding,

at The Hix Oyster & Fish House in Lyme Regis.

Jessie Copper :: Tuesday 8th December 2015 :: Latest Blog Posts :: More Inspiration

Thanks to the sensational photographic skills and generosity of Rebecca Roundhill Photography, I am so pleased to be able to share the pictures of these two lovely characters with you. From the moment I met Lynne she was one of the most warm and charming brides I have ever met, and her excitement about Simon and her big day was very infectious.

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Her dress - beneath the ivory lace overlay - was the palest shade of eau-de-nil, a colour which we both felt it was really important to echo in both the flowers and foliages, and she chose a contrast shade of coral to combine with it ... plus Lynne's moodboard showed that she totally loved texture. A girl after my own heart! 

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The style of the whole day was beautifully informal but this didn't reduce the importance that surrounded it, and Lynne's daughter looked stunning with her lightly-bohemian floral hair-do.

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It was the first time that I had visited the Hix Restaurant in Lyme, and during set-up I was blown away by the quirky nature of the building perched on the sea-slope and the eye-stopping views. What a wonderful venue for a wedding with a difference! 

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The final flower choices for Lynne's bouquet included 'Wild Look' roses with succulents, convellie, tillandsia, berried eucalyptus, astrantia, hypericum, pennisetum grasses and serruria proteas. The effect was light and floaty, with certainly something of the seaside about it.

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After the event, Lynne said of us;

"I was impressed by the quality and variety of flowers, the warmth and friendliness of Jessie and the team, and the X-factor which is difficult to define, but you know it when it happens, and you can trust that they are as keen as you are to make your special day even more special with flowers that take your breath away.

My wedding flowers exceeded my expectations and were absolutely perfect. The organisation and delivery of them was flawless. The team were very patient with my deliberations when I was deciding what I wanted. I felt really valued as a customer, and they definitely achieved my dream wedding flowers."


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