Natasha and Mark - far far away.....

Yes, it really is possible for a Bride to organise and pull-off the most fantastic day from the other side of the world.... it really is!

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Natasha and Mark are a great example of a wedding well organised.... well you have to be, when you live on the other side of the world! Natasha managed to organise everything remotely from New Zealand, and this is a circumstance that I see more and more now that the Earth is such a small place, and travel is so easy. Combine this with the fact that most girls love to go back home to their roots for their wedding day, and you have what could potentially be a logistical nightmare. But not if you have the right suppliers, an organised head on your shoulders, and of course, the good ol' tinternet.


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All images are courtesy of 'Kevin Wilson Photography

With the use of Pinterest, Instagram, email and Google at their finger-tips, it is actually relatively easy for a florist to get a feel for a bride's style, likes, dislikes, and ideas without having to meet in person. Of course it's always nicer to put a face to a name and chin-wag over a coffee, but needs must, and within just 14 emails (I've just checked!) and a lot of Pinterest-ing (is that a verb??) Natasha and I had it nailed.


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Natasha's colur theme was whites and soft blues with greens; a trickier colour-scheme in floristry than many might realise. True blue flowers are a rareity, with most leaning more to the purple or violet spectrum, but despite this, blue continues to often be a popular wedding palette, alongside of course the shades of eau-de-nil, seagreens and teals that have been the florist's nemesis for the past decade. Along with white anemones, spray roses, ashen 'Mentha' roses, blue-black ligustrum berries and dainty ivies, I combined palest-blue hydrangeas, blue eryngium thistles and blue delphiniums to give the right variety of shade. 


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The wedding ceremony was held first at Wimborne Minster church, followed by a reception at The Langton Arms in Tarrant Monkton. Hair and make-up were executed with the usual perfection and panache by Caroline and Elke from the award-winning Amazing Face, and our good friend and renowned photographer Kevin Wilson has been kind enough to supply me with these beautiful images.


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To top it all off, I can now tell you from the photos (since I have still never met either of them, sadly) that Natasha and Mark truly are the most gorgeous couple, and I'm sure they'll enjoy many many happy years together. xx


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"We've just arrived back in New Zealand and it certainly has been a return to reality!! ... I have to say that the flowers were absolutely perfect. Thanks for everything - we had an amazing day!! " Natasha


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