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The Importance of Great Photography

... and why it should be top of your priority list.

Jessie Copper :: Monday 14th October 2019

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My Best Bits!

The last 12 months all on one glorious weddingy page.....

Jessie Copper :: Tuesday 22nd January 2019

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And for the 6th year in a row....

Here we are again; It's award season!

Jessie Copper :: Tuesday 22nd January 2019

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Great success at the Regional Finals!

A fantastic year is recognised with award achievement.

Jessie Copper :: Monday 27th November 2017

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A dreamy photo-shoot at Knighton House.

The perfect summery supplier collaboration, resulting in some glorious pictures.

Jessie Copper :: Wednesday 22nd November 2017

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Where to start?

My guide to planning your wedding flowers, and avoiding brain overload when it comes to options!

Jessie Copper :: Tuesday 30th May 2017

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A quick flash back to August 2016...

An elegant wedding with vintage glamour settings.

Jessie Copper :: Monday 10th April 2017

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Wow, it's been ages...

Summer Wedding Season 2016 is finally over, and look what just happened!

Jessie Copper :: Tuesday 1st November 2016

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Priorities, Priorities ....

Just a few vital words on budgets, the cost of flowers, and choosing a supplier.....

Jessie Copper :: Thursday 19th May 2016

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Natasha and Mark - far far away.....

Yes, it really is possible for a Bride to organise and pull-off the most fantastic day from the other side of the world....

Jessie Copper :: Tuesday 22nd March 2016

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Lynne and Simon's glorious wedding

at The Hix Oyster & Fish House in Lyme Regis.

Jessie Copper :: Tuesday 8th December 2015

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Just a little bit of news!

Something to cheer up a dull autumn day....

Jessie Copper :: Wednesday 11th November 2015

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