Where to start?

My guide to planning your wedding flowers, and avoiding brain overload when it comes to options!

Jessie Copper :: Tuesday 30th May 2017 :: More Advice

It can seem over-whelming, I know. You don't know your alstro from you allium. You have seen pictures of bouquets you like, but you have no idea what flowers are in them, or how to communicate your vision to your florist. But don't panic. I am here to offer you a few words of advice.

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Priorities, Priorities ....

Just a few vital words on budgets, the cost of flowers, and choosing a supplier.....

Jessie Copper :: Thursday 19th May 2016 :: More Advice

My work dream? What would my dream be....... hmmmmm ...... It would be that every bride-to-be that comes to me has a limitless budget. Not because I am in any way greedy or hard-headed, but because it would be lovely for everyone to have whatever they want on their wedding day.

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'To Have and To Hold'; the unique package for brides who want more fun and less fuss .....

Meet the brides who have booked our special-offer deal, and see how it worked for them...

Jessie Copper :: Tuesday 8th September 2015 :: More Advice

Are you are trying to organise a low-key event? Or working to a tight budget? Or perhaps you simply want the tricky decision-making taken off your hands? It's not right for everyone, but if you answered yes to one or more of these questions, then it's possible that our bridal special offer 'To Have and To Hold' © will work out to be a great deal for you. Many of our bride's decide to forgo booking our main wedding service and instead opt for this unique package... but how did it go? Were they happy with the results? How does it all work? And will this package be right for you? Find out here.....

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