The ultimate easy-book deal for couples on a tight budget

Jessie Copper :: Sunday 6th November 2022 :: Latest Blog Posts

So, you want to celebrate your big day without all the fuss? Hoping to keep everything low-key, but still need some flowers to carry or wear?

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The Deal:

In the current climate, it is no wonder that more and more happy couples are looking for a great value deal when it comes to their wedding flowers, and that's where this offer comes in.

'To Have and To Hold' © is an alternative to our main wedding service. We offer bridal bouquets for a set price of £100 - as a guide, that's around £60 off the average cost of our bespoke bouquets in 2022. Buttonholes and bridesmaid's bouquets are also available at equally reasonable prices. It's not a set-in-stone bundle deal; couples can choose which items they require and how many of each. This means that the package also works perfectly for many of our same-sex couples.

And it doesn't stop there. In the aftermath of the pandemic and with the overall increased cost of living for everybody, we have decided from 2023 to extend this special package to include simple ceremony flowers and table decorations. 

The Catch:

As with any fantastic deal, there are specific terms, and the only way we can offer this amazing price is under the following stipulations;

- Firstly, the flowers that we create for you will be in your wedding colours, but the flower types used will be' florist's choice'. During the days prior to your wedding, we will select the best-value top-quality seasonal blooms from our suppliers, to match your colour scheme. 
- Secondly - again, in order to keep the costs low - you will not be offered the usual one-to-one consultation service that we offer to our bespoke clients. We will instead send you a Question Form, which you must complete and return to us.  The questions are based on our wide knowledge within the wedding flower industry, and our experience with many couples over the years. We are confident that we can create beautiful and memorable wedding flowers for you from the answers that you give to these questions.
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The Decision:

If you have your heart set on the groomsmen wearing elegant orchid boutonniere, or if your dream is to carry your favourite roses down the aisle on your big day, then this offer is not for you (instead, just get in touch to discuss our bespoke wedding service).

But if you simply want wedding flowers that will fit well within your budget whilst also co-ordinating with your preferred colour scheme, then this offer is perfect for you. You never know, it might also help to reduce any unnecessary stress by taking away some of those tricky 'which flowers to choose' decisions!

Simply get in touch to check availability, making sure to mention that you are interested in our special-offer package.

Still not sure? Read this additional blog post which reveals what other 'To Have & To Hold' couples thought of the package.

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