Meet the brides who have booked our special-offer deal, and see how it worked for them...

Jessie Copper :: Tuesday 8th September 2015 :: Latest Blog Posts

Are you are trying to organise a low-key event? Or working to a tight budget? Or perhaps you simply want the tricky decision-making taken off your hands? It's not right for everyone, but if you answered yes to one or more of these questions, then it's possible that our bridal special offer 'To Have and To Hold' © will work out to be a great deal for you. Some of our clients decide to forgo booking our main wedding service and instead opt for this unique package...  But how did it go? Were they happy with the results? How does it all work? And will this package be right for you? Find out here.....

Image by Simpson Photography

Image by Simpson Photography  

There are 4 words that keeps reoccuring when I ask our past brides what they loved about the 'To Have and To Hold' © package.'Value', 'Ease', 'Surprise' and 'Trust'.

Let's get to the money bit first. 'Value' is easily summed up by the fact that the offer is exceptional value for money and represents a minimum saving of around 50% off the price of your bride's bouquet and buttonhole. But the savings don't end there, as the package includes the opportunity to add bridesmaid's bouquets and additional buttonholes at the same great-value rate. This package and it's savings are exclusive to West Dorset Wedding Flowers and are unique within this part of the UK and probably even further afield.

Image by Ben Pipe Photography

Image by Ben Pipe Photography 

"The 'To Have and To Hold' © package was perfect for us, as we were trying to stick to a strict budget, and the package allowed us to have gorgeous flowers in a colour scheme that we were able to choose. In a way, I felt it was better to not be able to choose the exact flowers, as it meant we got beautiful seasonal blooms. The flowers took my breath away when I saw them on the day. I couldn't have asked for better, especially considering I can be so indecisive!" - Sally


Image by Ben Pipe Photography

 Image by Ben Pipe Photography 

So that's the financial bit out of the way.

Now let's talk about how EASY it is!! 

Emma and her bridesmaids: 

"The booking process was really easy; we provided Jess with as much detail as possible on our booking form, including a couple of colour swatches, and we were completely blown away with what we received on the wedding morning. The flowers she created were far greater than our expectations ... and we knew they would be fantastic!!" - Emma and Jo

It really is very simple. The terms of the package do not entitle you to a consultation, so you don't need to free up time to come and see me, which means the package is also ideal for brides who are not local to Dorset or who live abroad. All you have to do is fill in a very simple form (which we can email to you) that asks you for all the vital information that I require from you in order to create your bouquet. You have the option of attaching colour swatches for your chosen palette .... and that's about it! What could be simpler?!

For example - on her form - Emma told us the following basic information:

Choice of up to to 3 colours? "Palest dusky pink, soft/mint green and ivory"

Key words to describe the style of your bouquet/wedding: "Rustic, Vintage, Simple; English country-garden party with a rustic feel. Simple with attention to detail, including vintage accessories and decorations."

And this is what we created! 

Emma's bridal bouquet:

 Most exciting (we think!) is that your flowers are a total surprise on the morning of your wedding! The offer doesn't allow you to choose or specify ANY flower types that will be in your bouquet.

Following their wedding, Alex and Chris wrote to tell us about how well it all went, and Alex said "I would highly recommend the 'To Have and To Hold' © package. I loved my wedding bouquet. It ws perfect, beautiful and great value. I really liked the surprise of not knowing exactly what flowers were going to be in the bouquet, and was taken aback by how gorgeous they were."


Image by Simpson Photography

Image by Simpson Photography  

Now... don't get me wrong ... this won't be everyone's idea of fun. If it was, there would be no need for our main wedding service.... It's like marmite, basically; you'll either love the idea of this offer or it will be your worst nightmare, depending on how laid back you are! If you need the reassurance of knowing exactly what flowers you will have in advance, or if you hate surprises, or if you only want peonies or roses or anemones or whatever else.... then this deal is DEFINITELY not right for you.

Our main wedding service is perfect for providing a highly-detailed one-to-one personalised service which allows you to choose precisely what flowers you will have, and the price reflects that service and specification.

As Emma and Joe said,"We decided to choose the 'To Have and To Hold' © package as we wanted the element of surprise on the wedding morning".

And lastly, you should only book this offer if you are comfortable with the element of trust. With 15yrs of wedding experience behind me and some significant awards under my belt, I feel fully confident that I can create your ideal bouquet from the information that you supply to me when you book this deal. But YOU need to feel confident. 

I'll let Alex sign us off here. She said:"My top tip for bride's to be?... Fully trust Jessie and her team". If you can manage that, then this deal is absolutely perfect for you and your wedding day.