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Jessie Copper :: Tuesday 22nd January 2019 :: More Inspiration

Well, it's been a stonker of a year. Not only because of the most fabulous heatwave which ensured that glowing sunshine was bestowed upon all my gorgeous couples (and thank goodness for a walk-in fridge...!), but because I met and worked for such a glorious array of clients with such varied tastes and ideas. For personal reasons I undertook a few less weddings this year, and the nice thing about that was that it gave me time to regroup and reflect on each one before rushing on to the next one. 

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A dreamy photo-shoot at Knighton House.

The perfect summery supplier collaboration, resulting in some glorious pictures.

Jessie Copper :: Wednesday 22nd November 2017 :: More Inspiration

Being involved in a collaborative photo-shoot is always exciting. Mainly because - similarly to an haute-couture fashion show - I am given (within reason!) free reign to really push the boat out and create something more 'out there', innovative, oversized or spectacular than I might perhaps be asked to make everyday; real-life brides still tend to play things just a little bit safe, however flamboyant they are, as there is such a lot riding on their big day. But there is no holding back at a photoshoot. More than that, it is just so refreshing and unrestrictive to be following each design entirely where your hands and eyes take it, rather than working prescriptively from an order on a piece of paper. All the suppliers come together to create a look that pushes the given brief to it's outer limits.... and I think this shoot can be described perfectly as 'dreamy'. 

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Time to flash back to wedding season 2016...

It's about time too!

Jessie Copper :: Monday 10th April 2017 :: More Inspiration

Blimey, where did that winter go!? I had huge plans to bring you plenty of new blog posts through the quiet times that winter brings for a wedding florist.... but I literally haven't stopped! The joys of my first full winter without my flower shop has meant that I have had time for - not only lots of new adventures - but also to get stuck in to learning new skills, enjoy hobbies and feel that everything isn't being done at such a crazy rush! And now the spring has arrived, along with glorious sunshine, and - before I start to bring you floral gems from 2017 - I feel it would be a good idea to give you some indepth visuals of some of last year's most memorable and glorious weddings.... and to begin, let's focus on Brooklyn and Tom's splendid nuptials....

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Natasha and Mark - far far away.....

Yes, it really is possible for a Bride to organise and pull-off the most fantastic day from the other side of the world.... it really is!

Jessie Copper :: Tuesday 22nd March 2016 :: More Inspiration

Natasha and Mark are a great example of a wedding well organised.... well you have to be, when you live on the other side of the world! Natasha managed to organise everything remotely from New Zealand, and this is a circumstance that I see more and more now that the Earth is such a small place, and travel is so easy. Combine this with the fact that most girls love to go back home to their roots for their wedding day, and you have what could potentially be a logistical nightmare. But not if you have the right suppliers, an organised head on your shoulders, and of course, the good ol' tinternet.

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Lynne and Simon's glorious wedding,

at The Hix Oyster & Fish House in Lyme Regis.

Jessie Copper :: Tuesday 8th December 2015 :: More Inspiration

Thanks to the sensational photographic skills and generosity of Rebecca Roundhill Photography, I am so pleased to be able to share the pictures of these two lovely characters with you. From the moment I met Lynne she was one of the most warm and charming brides I have ever met, and her excitement about Simon and her big day was very infectious.

Picture: /blog-files/blog/6/w288/small-lynne-simon-hix-oyster-and-fish-house-221-devon-weddin.jpg

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