Great success at the Regional Finals!

A fantastic year is recognised with award achievement.

Jessie Copper :: Monday 27th November 2017 :: More News

Since my mind-blowing National Final experience in the 2014-15 UK Wedding Awards, and after further 3 years always achieving a place in the regional finals (I pride myself on consistency!) I am so proud this year to have yet again made it through to the regional finals of the 2017-18 awards, and at last week's Regional Final ceremony, I was announced as the Regional Highly Commended Winner, coming in a close second behind the Regional Winner Clair Lythgoe (high congrats to her and her team, of course, as they head on to the National Finals!)

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Wow, it's been ages...

Summer Wedding Season 2016 is finally over, and look what just happened!

Jessie Copper :: Tuesday 1st November 2016 :: More News

It's been the most amazing summer.... what a fantastic troupe of brides, grooms, venues and suppliers I have had the priviledge of working with!

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Just a little bit of news!

Something to cheer up a dull autumn day....

Jessie Copper :: Wednesday 11th November 2015 :: More News

A little announcement to shout out loud .... I am totally thrilled to have been shortlisted as a Regional Finalist for the 'Wedding Florist of the Year' category in the UK Wedding Industry Awards. In fact, out of the 8 finalists from the whole of the South West region, we are the only one in the county of Dorset, which is a triumph in itself! We didn't make it through to the National Final this year, but I am honestly just so chuffed to have been in the regional final for three year's in a row now. If you'd like to read what our customer's comments were during the voting process this year, please go here, and thank you to all our bride's from 2014-15 who voted and enabled me & my team to get to such a prestigious level. 

Picture: /blog-files/blog/5/w288/weddingawards-badges-regionalfinalist-3b.jpg

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