We made it right to the top!

Jessie Copper :: Friday 15th January 2021 :: Latest Blog Posts

I can hardly believe that I am writing this, but last night we were awarded National UK Wedding Florist of the Year 2021 at The Wedding Industry AwardsPicture: /imgresize/w288/blog-files/blog/28/weddingawards-badges-nationalwinner-4b.jpg

I have now been a self-employed (and very self-driven!) florist since I opened my retail business in 2006, and in the 15 years since I can only now say that I have achieved everything I could have dreamed of.

Back in 2011 my flower shop won UK Flower Shop of the Year and I thought that I had reached the pinnacle of success. But then the national Wedding Industry Awards were begun and - in the first year they ran - my team and I were awarded Highly Commended at a National level. Again, I thought that was the best it could ever get!

My business in the meantime has changed from a successful retail outlet (which I sold in 2016) to a dedicated freelance wedding service. Since 2014 I have been Regionally Shortlisted every year, have been a Regional Highly-Commended Winner twice and also been included in the Best Website shortlist. 

But this year, finally - and I must say unexpectedly - we made it through as Regional Winner to compete again on a National Level, and then WE WON! 

I am hugely indebted to firstly all my brides from 2020 and 2019 who voted, reviewed my work and pushed me all the way to the top, but also to my wonderful team of helpers who jump to attention when I need a helping florist's hand or an extra vehicle on the road, and always shine their utmost, giving superb service to my clients, bringing their wonderful skills to the table, but most of all for their friendship. 

2020 and 2021 have been (and will continue to be for a while...) a rollercoaster for so many, both within the industry and across the country, but this huge accolade - coupled with the birth of our little girl Connie in mid-November - have meant that I feel I can move the business forward with a renewed spring in my step and a positive mind to my post-Covid future within this wonderful industry.

Picture: /imgresize/w288/blog-files/blog/28/133390743-10159021199647351-6279913850328985820-n-landscape.jpg

Happy New Year everyone x